New Items:  August Bulletin

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A note from the Ohio District Governor Harry Tolhurst:

Be sure to register for the OHIO District 66th Convention! This is one of the most important meetings of the year! Why you ask?

  1. One reason is that this is the one time when we gather to train the incoming Club Officers (Saturday) and Lt. Governors (Friday & Saturday)
  2. Two, we provide information that will benefit your club be all it can be in the year to come
  3. Three, we have a great opportunity for great fellowship
  4. Fourth, we get to meet new and interesting people
  5. Fifth, we have the opportunity to glean ideas that will benefit our home club in programming and fundraising
  6. Sixth, we encourage one another in our endeavors
  7. Seventh, we can share our successes and learn from our failures
  8. Eighth, we have fun, fun, fun
  9. Ninth, we help youth grow up in optimism
  10. Tenth, we make new friends, young and old and all the ages in between

You need to be part of this gathering because you have much to learn and much to share with the other participants. SO Register Today!


Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers; Current and elected; Past Present and Future, Club members, spouses, and kids, (Have I missed anyone?), in other words every Ohio District Optimist member. We leave no one out.

The Convention follows several great traditions such as a recognition breakfast, training luncheons, installation of officers, entertainment, as well as a visit from our Optimist International Representative Dwight Phillips. You won’t want to miss any of the exciting things we have planned this year.

Remember the year is not over! We have not finished the race and been put out to pasture. We still have work to do. It will be a time to Check Your Goals for the year. It is not too late to accomplish them. Were you going to bring in a new member, or build a club or start a new project or institute a new fundraiser or create a club brochure, or establish a club or zone website? DO IT NOW! Things always change. We either move forward or slide back. The choice is ours. Let’s strong finish the race and gain the prize!


Harry Tulhurst,