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Governor's Logo

Hello Fellow Optimist!

Where do I begin? As we are beginning a new year in Optimism I realize that before it begins it will be over. On my wrist is a blue bracelet that has the words “PROMISE YOU ...” it is my reminder ever day of the words of the Creed. It is also my reminder that I will endeavor to try to do the best job I can as your 2014-2015 District Governor. Will it be flawless? No, I’m pretty sure I will make mistakes and not always do things in the manner or way my predecessors did. But the words of the Creed are a constant guide to the way I strive to live my life. We have a rich inheritance in the ways of the past and I believe that we all need to use it as the foundation to build on for a etter future.

I have taken great consideration on what my goals are for this coming year. Membership is a crucial element in the survival of our organizations and my membership goal is plus 15 in 2015. I would also like to see new clubs formed. It is important to also retain the current number of clubs in our District. My personal goal for this year is that every zone have a zone meeting each quarter.

I have designed the logo for this year and it has a lot of meaning for me. The circle of people represents our diversity and yet unity in our belief in upholding the Optimist Creed in our everyday life while “keeping the promise for the kids.” As I have said many times the tenants of the Creed are the guide I use to live my life. It is the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up and the blue band on my wrist is my constant reminder of that Creed as well. The future is the promise and inspiration of the speech that Ken Garner gave at the International Convention in Las Vegas. Because who am I? “I’m an Optimist!” There is promise in the future and shoes we are asked to fill. Shoes that are sometimes too big to fill or shoes that might pinch; but shoes we are challenged to use to build on the greater achievements of the future.

We have changed our Conference meeting place. What I have heard over the years is the cost of the hotel was one of the contributing factors why attendance at the conferences was down. Also that people didn’t want to be away from their families for the weekend. The cost of the rooms are substantially less at our new location and the water park atmosphere will allow families to come and have something for them to do besides sitting in the hotel room. I hope you will give it a try and bring your family and encourage others to attend as well.

We have a huge task ahead of us, but with the tenants of the Creed as our guide I believe we all can help “Bring out the best in kids!”

Optimistically Yours,

Doris Dickman,
Governor 2014 - 2015