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“April showers bring May flowers.” April also brings me to the half way mark of being District Governor, and I wonder where the past 6 months have disappeared too. As the song says “don’t blink,” well that is what must have happened, I blinked!

This past couple weeks have also brought me the loss of several friends and I am reminded of how fragile life can be. As an Optimist who truly elieves in the CREED, attending the visitations and funerals of friends and families puts a test to the words of the CREED. Yet the CREED also gives me solace and reminds me at these times what to do to overcome the loss.

On those same lines I just received another notice of the disbanding of another Optimist Club and this is sad news. Sad that there are children who will not be touched in that community by the Optimist members. It is a difficult decision to disband a club and my sympathy goes out to the leaders of the clubs who have to make that decision. However, every year each club finds that they are losing members due to circumstances beyond their control.

When I look back upon my own life I realize that there are things that I did and clubs that I belonged to that I am no longer affiliated with anymore. Family situations, job changes, illness and other interests have made those changes necessary. However, I still carry the memories of what I did with those clubs and organizations with me and they are the foundation of what I am today.

That is why it is so important to gear up the recruitment of other members to replace those that leave. As with the earth, seasons come and go and so do members. Spring is a time of renewal and new growth. So for our clubs, spring should be a time to plant and prepare by the recruiting of new members. What is your club doing to sow new members?

On May 16 we will having our 3rd quarter conference and the location has changed to the Wingate Hotel and the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center in Lima, Ohio. We are finalizing the program as this newsletter is going out and the call will be arriving shortly with a tentative agenda and some exciting things happening. One of which will be our Oratorical Contest.

So as we begin the second half of the year I hope that you too will “look to the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.” Plan to attend the 3rd quarter conference and happy planting everyone!

Doris Dickman,
Governor 2014 - 2015