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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,

However you choose to say it, it still means that you are wished a pleasant and happy time. I hope your holiday plans are going well and you are taking time to reflect on what this season really means to you. For many of us it is a time of preparation and planning. Getting ready for that special time we can share with our family and friends. Many of the clubs are involved in fundraising projects during this time or planning that special event for the children in your communities and fellowship with other club members.

Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me. I enjoy baking cookies and making candy to give to family and friends. It is also a time to make special gifts to give, some of the gifts take a year of planning and preparing, and finding time in a busy schedule to make them. My mother always made us special gifts every year, crafts she worked on in secret throughout the year. Looking back, I wondered when and how she found time to complete them and keep them hidden from us. But somehow she always did, and it is that special effort she put into those gifts that made them loved by all who received them.

I’ve seen that same principal working in many of the clubs in the District. Somehow the projects, fundraisers and events come together and get done. People helping people complete them, many of them giving that special effort to get them done. It is that spirit of giving that is reflected most often during this holiday season. As leaders I hope you remember to take time to thank those people for their efforts, not just during this holiday season but throughout the year. I know I am deeply grateful for all the support and help I have received since becoming District Governor and would like to wish you all a blessed and happy holiday.

According to the CRA reports I have been receiving from International many of the clubs have been busy adding new members. Congratulations on your growth and increases! New members add new ideas and help to accomplish projects and events. I know in my own club we have been blessed with quite a few new members who have brought with them new ideas and insight. It is great to see that they are taking on the challenges of coming up with new ideas for fundraising and also enhancing current programs and events with new ways of doing things.

Well, in just a few short weeks we will begin a New Year. Often times it is a time to make the New Year’s resolutions and promises and hopes for a better future. As Optimists we always "promise ourselves," each time we say the Creed. I think if we all take time to think about what the Creed says and that we try to live up to what it says we have all the New Year’s resolutions we need to make right there!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and may your New Year be blessed and full of great expectations!

Doris Dickman,
Governor 2014 - 2015