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Happy New Year!

As we begin this New Year my wish for you is that you have health and happiness throughout the year. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? We all have good intentions and plan to try to improve and enhance our lives with promises for a better future. As Optimists we are reminded of this every time we say the creed that begins with, “Promise yourself.” For those who are on Facebook, Optimist International is constantly submitting beautiful posts about the Creed and I hope you are receiving them!

February 13 - 14 is the 2nd Quarter Conference at Ft. Rapids Water Park. I sincerely hope you will take the time to send in your reservations to attend this conference. It is an opportunity to share with fellow Optimist members your joys, concerns and ideas and learn about what other clubs are doing in the District. Please make it one of your “New Year’s Resolutions” to send in your early registration to the conference and bring your family so they can enjoy the water park. I know my great grandchildren are excited about getting to come to Columbus and go to the water park.

On Saturday night of the 2nd Quarter Conference we will also have our 2013 - 2014 awards banquet. Immediate Past Governor Harry Tolhurst has told me that there are several clubs who could have qualified for an award that didn’t qualify because they failed to file one form or another. In the handbook that every club president, secretary and treasurer received at the beginning of the Optimist year is an outline of the requirements needed to achieve the awards. I encourage every club leader to please take some time to review this information so that next year your club can receive the recognition it deserves. We all believe that we belong to the best club in the District; so why not shout to the world the achievements your club has accomplished in the past year and share the joy with other Optimist members in the District as well? If you need help in completing the forms I will be glad to help you, as would any past District leader. Just Ask!

So hope you all keep your “New Year’s Resolutions” and maybe have added a few more to the list. “Keeping the Promise for the Kids!” That is my New Year’s Resolution for 2015.

Optimistically yours,

Doris Dickman,
Governor 2014 - 2015