New Items:  August Bulletin

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The 67th District Convention is history. It was a time to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. New friends have been added to Facebook lists and pictures are still being downloaded and shared with fellow participants. Thanks to the Convention Committee for their hard work and preparations.

I am happy to say we do have a 2016-2017 Governor-Elect; Cherie Gentry was elected at the convention. I would like to congratulate her and promise to do all I can to help her in her year of office. I also pledge my support to our Governor-Designate Bryan McCormick who will be taking over October 1st, 2015. I respectfully request that all the clubs and current and past District Officers will also support both Bryan and Cherie.

I know that some of you have heard this before in my “State of the District” presentation at the Governor Banquet; the reason I joined the Optimist Club was because of the CREED. I firmly believe that if we use the CREED as our guide that everyone would be able to help strengthen and help themselves and their clubs. If we used the CREED as our guide we would also be a greater service to the youth in our communities. If we take the CREED one step further and apply it to the District then the Great Ohio District would remain a strong and vibrant part of Optimist International. I stepped forward two years ago and accepted the nomination for 2014-2015 because I did not want to see the Ohio District fold. Each year we face the possibility that there will no longer be an Ohio District because we can’t find the leaders to take over.

Our world is changing. Technology is advancing faster than most of us can keep up with it. However, if we are to survive, we need to be willing to embrace some of that change and technology and learn to adapt, or we will be like the dinosaurs, extinct. I personally am trying to learn and just recently attended a two day seminar on Social Media and technology advances. I was the oldest person in the room, in fact I could almost have been the grandmother of most of the people in the room. Quite a few of those in attendance were surprised to see this “old person” there. Many of my friends keep saying that they are getting too old to learn new things. But I believe that you can teach “old people” if they are willing to learn. We may not be as quick to pick up some of the items, but as long as we are willing to keep an open mind and a willing heart we can all continue to learn new things and come up with new ideas.

A great example of this was presented at the banquet by 86 years young Dean Farris who gave us a great idea to take back to our clubs. Dean suggested that each club list three or four of the fundraising projects that they conduct and also programs that they do and to grade them on the A, B, and C scale. He also suggested that we list those programs and fundraisers that would be rated with a D or F. Because the programs that didn’t work may be a help to clubs in what didn’t work and why. He also suggested that we should give a brief description of the project and fundraisers and a name and contact information of who would be able to provide more information on the event. He provided the members with a one page form to fill out. This form will be available shortly on the Ohio District Website. So keep tuned in for it.

I know you have heard this over and over but we have to think outside the box. We have to be willing to accept changes.


We really need to stop only thinking about what we did before and how it was done before and be receptive to new ideas.

I know our club has been fortunate to have a NEW president who has come up with some pretty innovative and great ideas, some of them were his and others were presented by the NEW members who have recently joined our club. There were some glitches and some things that didn’t work as well as we had hoped they would. But there have been some pretty big successes as well. We don’t know until we try. This is why Dean Farris suggested we also list our D and F projects as well. Maybe someone can take those and think of ways to improve them and take them to a new level of success, or at least know that it didn’t work and may have to be put on the back burner for a while. If a project fails this time it may not fail in the future or be given a new spin and it may succeed.

We are winding down this year and there are several clubs that are close to making Honor Club and I would encourage you to take the extra effort to bring new members aboard and help your club end the year strong. Growth is never a bad thing and who knows that next NEW member just may be the answer for improving your club!

Please help us “Keep the PROMISE for the KIDS!”

Doris Dickman,
Governor 2014 - 2015